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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Monetizable LoFi Channel: Unlocking the Power of AI

Bounty Hunters, welcome! I’m Don Mecca, and today we embark on an exciting journey to create your very own monetizable LoFi YouTube channel, fueled by the magic of AI. Join me as we explore not only the creation process but also ways to integrate additional income streams. Let’s dive in!

Why LoFi?

You’ve likely encountered massive LoFi channels like LoFi Girl, pulling in billions of views and around $5,000 a day. They’re not alone – Chill Hot Music is another success story. If they can do it, so can we! Let’s turn our passion into profit.

Essentials for Your Journey:

To get started, you’ll need a YouTube channel, engaging content, 1,000 subscribers, and 4,000 watch hours. Don’t be daunted; I’ll share tips to expedite growth and help you accumulate those essential watch hours quickly. Additionally, we’ll explore creating original content.

Content Creation: Background Image

Let’s kick things off with the background image. Two methods, two choices:

  1. Mid Journey:
    • Screenshot a LoFi channel video.
    • Create a private Mid Journey server on Discord.
    • Add the Mid Journey bot to your server.
    • Use the “SL describe” command with the screenshot.
    • Select prompts for image generation.
    • Upscale and download the chosen image.
  2. Leonardo AI:
    • Choose the “Anime Pastel Dream” model.
    • Adjust the aspect ratio to 16:9.
    • Enter a prompt to generate a similar image.
    • Download the image.

Content Creation: LoFi Beat

Now, let’s create the soul of your channel – the LoFi beat. Explore two AI tools: Mubert and IA.

  1. Mubert:
    • Visit the Mubert website.
    • Select a genre (e.g., LoFi) and set the duration.
    • Generate a track.
    • Download the masterpiece.
  2. IA:
    • Check out IA’s pricing plans.
    • Opt for the “Pro Plan” for full copyright ownership.
    • Select and download tracks.
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Video Editing: CapCut Tutorial

With all elements ready, it’s time to bring your LoFi video to life using CapCut:

  1. CapCut:
    • Start a new project.
    • Import your background image and LoFi beat.
    • Extend the image to match the audio.
    • Utilize a simple hack to boost watch hours – copy and paste the audio.
    • Export the video.

Monetization Strategies:

While awaiting YouTube monetization, start earning immediately by incorporating affiliate links in your video description. Platforms like ClickBank, DigiStore24, and WarriorPlus offer suitable affiliate offers.

Channel Creation: Step-by-Step

Let’s now create your YouTube channel:

  1. Creating Your YouTube Channel:
    • Create a YouTube account.
    • Customize your channel identity with Canva for a consistent theme.
    • Design a logo and channel banner.
    • Upload your video to kickstart your LoFi journey.


Congratulations, Bounty Hunters! You’ve unlocked the secrets to crafting a captivating LoFi channel powered by AI, with multiple streams of income at your fingertips. Your journey begins with the first step, and the possibilities are limitless.

Keep those beats flowing, your audience growing, and the bounties stacking. This is just the beginning, and your creativity knows no bounds. The future is yours to shape – until next time, keep chasing those bounties! Don Mecca Out!

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