Boardmix Review: Collaborative Whiteboard for Seamless Teamwork and Intelligent Planning + Lifetime Deal

Boardmix is an AI-powered collaborative whiteboard designed to facilitate visual idea expression and enhance team productivity. With its innovative features and comprehensive toolkit, it aims to revolutionize brainstorming and project management for teams across various industries.

Key Takeaways

Key TakeawaysDetails
ProductBoardmix is an AI-powered collaborative whiteboard facilitating visual idea expression and enhancing team productivity.
FeaturesBoardmix offers collaborative brainstorming, project management tools, visual content creation, remote presentation capabilities, and integration with various platforms.
PricingRegular pricing includes free, monthly, annual, and 3-year plans, varying in features and AI points allocation. AppSumo offers a lifetime deal starting at $29.
Comparison with Other ToolsBoardmix provides a diverse set of features and extensive collaboration abilities, but users note some UI/UX complexities and missing functionalities compared to rivals.
PositivesUsers appreciate Boardmix for its creative visual interface, seamless collaboration, and potential for extensive use within their workflows.
NegativesSome users highlight complexities in onboarding, UI navigation challenges, lack of certain features like dark mode, and a less refined user experience compared to rivals.
ConclusionBoardmix emerges as a promising collaborative tool with vast potential, though requiring refinement in UI/UX aspects to match established competitors.


Boardmix leverages AI to support and enhance whiteboard sessions, providing prompts and tools for generating images, mind maps, flow charts, presentations, and more in mere seconds. This aids in faster decision-making processes for business-related tasks like creating business models, SWOT analyses, and user journey maps.

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AI Assistant

  • AI-Powered Collaboration: The platform features a robust AI assistant that accelerates whiteboard sessions, allowing up to 500 individuals to collaborate simultaneously. This facilitates seamless brainstorming sessions where team members can mention each other, leave comments, and use emojis to communicate and progress projects.
  • Real-Time Viewing: Boardmix supports real-time viewing for over 1,000 individuals, making it an ideal tool for remote presentations and sharing ideas with a growing audience.


Boardmix facilitates seamless team chats and interaction among users, ensuring efficient task status updates and intelligent task planning within its collaborative workspace.

  • Inclusive Collaboration: Up to 500 team members can contribute simultaneously, utilizing various visual formats like mind maps, flow charts, sticky notes, and drawings to capture and organize ideas effectively.
  • Kanban Board Support: The platform supports kanban boards, aiding in task status tracking and ensuring everyone stays informed about ongoing tasks.
  • Rich Library: Boardmix offers a plethora of plugins, resources, and templates catering to diverse use cases.

Visual Content & Digital Asset Management

  • Integrated Toolkit: Its toolkit supports a wide array of visual content and file types, functioning as a digital asset management platform. Users can upload text, photos, videos, and documents onto a board, consolidating all project files and branding elements in one location.
  • Ease of Sharing: Users can effortlessly embed the whiteboard onto websites or third-party apps to share files with external stakeholders.

Detailed Review

Boardmix provides a digital workspace equipped with unlimited file folders, catering to remote teams handling a variety of tasks. It’s designed to aid in making crucial business decisions through dedicated boards and an intuitive interface. Supporting various file formats, this platform fosters team collaboration, capitalizing on user feedback to enhance basic features.

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Moreover, it offers an unbeatable price for a library of plug-ins, ensuring real-time collaboration and integration with Google Drive. Despite minor quirks common in online tools, Boardmix facilitates productive board meetings with its digital board. Special boards, part of the online whiteboard, are available through a lifetime access deal, allowing users to claim lifetime access to their digital files. Sharing files among long-term users is simplified while providing advanced features at a cheap price.

Quick ideas and customer reviews often shape the purchase decision, promoting clarity in communication through real-life experiences within this digital workspace. Boardmix stands as a powerful alternative with customization options for mind mapping, promoting real-time interaction and fostering smart ideas, catering to teams looking for this sort of product with a single-user license for team meetings.

Use Cases of Boardmix

1. Collaborative Brainstorming and Idea Generation

Boardmix facilitates brainstorming sessions where teams can collaborate in real-time, leveraging various visual formats like mind maps, flow charts, sticky notes, and drawings. It enables team members to contribute simultaneously, fostering creativity and generating innovative ideas.

2. Project Management and Task Organization

Teams can use Boardmix as a project management tool by employing kanban boards and unlimited editable boards to organize tasks, track statuses, and keep everyone informed. This feature helps in maintaining clarity regarding project progress and individual responsibilities.

3. Business Model Creation and Analysis

The platform supports the creation of business models, SWOT analyses, user journey maps, and other business-related visual content. It assists in making informed decisions by visualizing data and concepts, aiding in strategic planning and analysis.

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4. Digital Asset Management and File Sharing

Boardmix functions as a digital asset management platform, allowing users to upload and store various file types such as text, photos, videos, and documents. It provides a centralized location for project files and branding elements, facilitating easy sharing and collaboration among team members.

5. Remote Presentations and Audience Engagement

With support for real-time viewing for over 1,000 individuals, Boardmix serves as an ideal tool for remote presentations. Teams can share their ideas with a growing remote audience, ensuring engagement and interaction during presentations or collaborative sessions.

6. Enhancing Team Communication and Collaboration

Boardmix’s AI-powered collaboration features, including mentions, comments, emojis, and the ability to collaborate with up to 500 individuals, improve team communication. It streamlines interactions, boosts engagement, and accelerates project progression.

7. Integration with External Platforms

The platform’s seamless integration with communication tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Meet enhances workflow efficiency. Users can connect their whiteboard sessions with these platforms, ensuring a smooth collaboration experience.

8. Flexible License Tiers for Various Team Sizes

Boardmix offers three license tiers catering to different team sizes and requirements. This flexibility allows teams to choose a plan that aligns with their current needs and provides the option to upgrade or downgrade as their team evolves.

9. Secure Collaboration and Data Privacy

Boardmix ensures secure sharing and collaboration through sharing link encryption, maintaining data privacy, and safeguarding sensitive information during collaborative endeavors.

10. Supporting Diverse Industries and Use Cases

The platform’s rich library of plugins, resources, and templates accommodates a wide range of industries and potential use cases. It offers versatile tools that can be customized to suit the specific needs of various businesses and teams.

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Pricing and Plans

Regular Pricing

PlanPriceWhat’s Included
FreeUS$ 0– Single workspace with 3 editable boards
  – 200 objects per board
  – 1 GB of storage
  – Basic version history
  – 500 AI points
Monthly PlanUS$ 5.9 /month– Single workspace with unlimited boards
 Recurring billing– Unlimited objects per board
 Cancel anytime– 200 GB of storage
  – Advanced version history
  – 500 AI points
Annual PlanUS$ 4.9 /month– Single workspace with unlimited boards
 Billed $58.8 annually– Unlimited objects per board
  – 200 GB of storage
  – Advanced version history
  – Advanced export options
  – 10,000 AI points
3-Year PlanUS$ 2.9 /month– Single workspace with unlimited boards
 Billed $104.4 every– Unlimited objects per board
 three years– 200 GB of storage
  – Advanced version history
  – Advanced export options
  – 30,000 AI points

Lifetime Deal Pricing (AppSumo)

Boardmix is offering a limited-time lifetime deal through AppSumo, providing users with exclusive one-time purchase options at significantly discounted rates compared to the regular pricing. The AppSumo offer includes three tiers:

License TierOne-Time PriceWhat’s Included
Tier 1$29 ($248.40 value)– 3 team members
  – 1 Professional Team workspace
  – 600 GB of Professional Team workspace capacity
  – Unlimited projects and folders
  – Unlimited editable boards
  – 1,500 total AI points
Tier 2$99 ($828 value)– 10 team members
  – 1 Professional Team workspace
  – 1.95 TB of Professional Team workspace capacity
  – Unlimited projects and folders
  – Unlimited editable boards
  – 10,000 total AI points
Tier 3$199 ($2,484 value)– 30 team members
  – 1 Professional Team workspace
  – 5.86 TB of Professional Team workspace capacity
  – Unlimited projects and folders
  – Unlimited editable boards
  – 300,000 total AI points

The lifetime deal offers a one-time payment granting users access to Boardmix’s features, catering to various team sizes and workspace capacities at a fraction of the regular pricing.

User Reviews


1. Initial Complexity in Activation and Account Setup

Some users have found the initial onboarding process of Boardmix to be needlessly complex and unintuitive. Activation of the purchased plan requires creating a team account, manually refreshing the page, and waiting for a specific popup to access the acquired features, which might hinder a seamless user experience.

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2. Missing Features and User Interface Issues

Several users have pointed out the absence of certain features like a dark mode and a standalone app for iPad. The UI has been criticized for being challenging to navigate, with some icons being unclear and limited options for layouts, shapes, connectors, and fonts. Moreover, there have been complaints about occasional language inconsistencies that might suggest a lack of clarity in target audience focus.

3. Documentation and Communication Issues

Users have highlighted the lack of comprehensive documentation and organized information, such as a clear roadmap and FAQ/instructions. Some feel that the communication style, which involves sharing Boardmix boards instead of a proper knowledge base, needs refinement and improvement.

4. Comparison to Established Products

In direct comparisons to established apps like EdrawMind, some users have perceived Boardmix as being in its early stages of development, citing various refinements needed in terms of UI/UX. While functional, it’s considered inferior in certain aspects at the present time.


1. Visual Creativity and User-Friendly Interface

Users have praised Boardmix for its visually appealing interface and the ability to facilitate planning, brainstorming, and modeling projects in a visually stimulating manner. The platform provides smart visual tools that allow users, especially illustrators, to express their thoughts in a creative and personalized manner.

2. Seamless Transition from Other Platforms

Some users have found Boardmix easy to use, comparing it favorably to similar tools like Miro. The stability and speed of the platform have been commended, making it a suitable alternative for those transitioning from other whiteboard applications.

3. Long-Term Use and Confidence in the Product

Certain users have expressed confidence in Boardmix’s potential, despite its current limitations. They believe in the platform’s future development and have opted to use it extensively, even replacing other established tools in their workflow.

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4. Hopeful for Future Improvements

While pointing out the current shortcomings, some users remain optimistic about Boardmix’s future. They acknowledge the room for improvement and hope that the platform evolves into a more mature and refined product, expressing best wishes to the development team.

Please note that these reviews represent individual user experiences and perceptions, which might vary based on different use cases and expectations.


Boardmix presents itself as an all-inclusive AI-powered whiteboard solution that aims to streamline collaboration, enhance creativity, and improve team productivity. Its array of features, diverse visual formats, and integration capabilities make it a promising tool for various teams and industries, offering an opportunity to harness the power of AI in their collaborative efforts.

Regular Vs. Appsumo Pricing

AspectRegular PricingAppSumo Lifetime Deal
PricingVaries from Free to 3-Year Plans with different featuresOne-time purchase starting at $29 for Tier 1, $99 for Tier 2, and $199 for Tier 3
Team SizeRanges from individual to larger teamsTier 1: 3 team members, Tier 2: 10 team members, Tier 3: 30 team members
Workspace Capacity200 GB to 5.86 TB depending on the planTier 1: 600 GB, Tier 2: 1.95 TB, Tier 3: 5.86 TB
AI PointsVaries from 500 to 30,000 AI pointsTier 1: 1,500 AI points, Tier 2: 10,000 AI points, Tier 3: 300,000 AI points
FeaturesDifferent levels of features and functionalitiesAll tiers include various features, including unlimited projects, folders, and editable boards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Boardmix?

Boardmix is an AI-powered collaborative whiteboard platform designed to assist teams in visually expressing ideas for enhanced communication and productivity. It offers a range of tools and features to facilitate brainstorming sessions, generate visual content, and manage projects effectively.

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How does Boardmix enhance collaboration?

Boardmix supports up to 500 individuals collaborating simultaneously, utilizing various visual formats such as mind maps, flow charts, sticky notes, and drawings. Additionally, it incorporates an AI assistant, enabling seamless communication through mentions, comments, and emojis to progress projects.

What file types and content can be uploaded to Boardmix?

Users can upload a variety of content types, including text, photos, videos, and documents onto the whiteboard. Boardmix acts as a digital asset management platform, allowing for centralized storage and sharing of project files and branding elements.

Can Boardmix integrate with other platforms or tools?

Yes, Boardmix integrates seamlessly with popular communication tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Meet. This integration ensures a smooth workflow by connecting the whiteboard sessions with these platforms.

What are the pricing tiers and features offered?

Boardmix offers three pricing tiers:
Tier 1: Supports 3 team members, 600 GB workspace capacity, and 1,500 total AI points.
Tier 2: Accommodates 10 team members, 1.95 TB workspace capacity, and 10,000 total AI points.
Tier 3: Suits 30 team members, 5.86 TB workspace capacity, and 300,000 total AI points.

Is there a money-back guarantee or trial period available?

Yes, Boardmix provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. Users can try the platform for two months and claim a refund if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

Can existing users avail of the lifetime deal offered?

The lifetime deal is exclusively for new Boardmix users who do not have existing accounts. It doesn’t apply to current users looking to upgrade or extend their subscriptions.

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How secure is Boardmix for sharing sensitive information?

Boardmix ensures secure sharing through sharing link encryption, maintaining data privacy and security during collaborations and file sharing.

What kind of support is available for users?

Boardmix offers customer support for troubleshooting issues or queries. Users can access support documentation, tutorials, and possibly community forums to seek assistance or guidance.

How does Boardmix handle upgrades or downgrades between license tiers?

Users have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade between the three license tiers based on their team’s evolving needs. This adaptability allows for scalability as projects and team sizes change over time.

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