ShareDocView Review: Document Sharing, Analytics, and Lead Generation + Lifetime Deal

ShareDocView.com is a comprehensive document management platform designed to revolutionize the way documents are shared, accessed, and tracked. By enabling users to upload PDF, DOC, and PPT files onto their platform, ShareDocView.com offers a plethora of features catering to various needs, from lead generation to document security and analytics. Let’s dive deeper into its functionalities, features, and offerings.

Key Takeaways

Key TakeawaysDetails
ProductShareDocView.com is a comprehensive document management platform facilitating document sharing, lead generation, analytics, branding, and enhanced security measures.
FeaturesThe platform offers lead generation via document links, extensive analytics, customization with branding options, integration capabilities, and robust document control. Investing in the ShareDocView lifetime deal not only secures robust branding & analytics features but also ensures an enhanced user interface. The platform offers diverse access options and emphasizes special strategies for links in marketing channels, mitigating fatal errors while tracking document performance. Users can effortlessly share links, transforming files to emails with beautiful landing pages, ultimately maximizing the utility of shareable team files and Docs via Links.
PricingRegular pricing includes a free plan, followed by Professional ($5/mo) and Pro Team ($13/mo) subscription plans. Lifetime deals through Appsumo start from $109 for various features.
Lifetime Deal ComparisonThe Appsumo lifetime deal offers significant value with one-time payments for lifetime access, providing features similar to or surpassing regular subscription plans.
Comparison with OthersShareDocView.com distinguishes itself with its document-focused lead generation, strong analytics, and comprehensive document control. However, some specialized features may vary.
LimitationsUsers reported viewing quality issues, customization constraints, and minor annoyances. Enhanced features like content optimization might be lacking compared to specific alternatives.
ConclusionDespite minor limitations, ShareDocView.com emerges as a robust, cost-effective tool for document management, lead generation, and analytics, suitable for various business needs.

Key Features

Document Sharing and Lead Generation

  • New Email Leads: Upload documents and get email leads via doc links.
  • Stackable Codes: Users can stack up to 10 codes for increased storage, document limits, and team members.
  • Special Surprise: A unique feature awaits users 60 days after purchase, enhancing the platform’s value proposition.
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Analytics and Tracking

  • Comprehensive Analytics: Tracks views, downloads, and time spent on each page through unique doc links.
  • Channel Performance: Identifies effective channels for document distribution.
  • Email Verification: Ability to verify emails for enhanced lead quality.

Integration and Embedding

  • Embedding Capabilities: Enables users to embed documents on websites for wider accessibility.
  • Brand Customization: Add company logos, colors, and watermarks for branding.
  • Zapier Integration: Seamlessly integrates with over 5,000 apps via Zapier for enhanced productivity.

Control and Security

ShareDocView.com offers an array of secure sharing options, ensuring access control and protection of valuable content with document protections such as configurable watermarks. Users can disable access and request access to documents with links, generating real leads from views and providing unlimited leads from docs views.

  • Document Control: Upload new documents without changing the existing links, ensuring convenience and continuity.
  • Notifications: Receive alerts for document views or downloads.
  • Security Features: Password protection, specified email access, and disabling doc links ensure data security.

Accessibility and Compatibility

  • Chrome Extension: Provides the flexibility to work across tabs with a free Chrome extension.
  • Google 1-Tap Sign-in: Facilitates easy access and generates more leads through Google 1-tap sign-in.

Use Cases for ShareDocView.com

1. Lead Generation for Marketing Campaigns

ShareDocView.com can be utilized by marketers to generate leads effectively. By uploading marketing collateral such as PDFs or presentations and sharing them through unique doc links, marketers can capture email leads of potential customers who access the documents. This helps in building a valuable email list for targeted marketing campaigns.

2. Sales Enablement and Tracking

For sales teams, ShareDocView.com proves beneficial in sharing sales proposals, product catalogs, or pitch decks. The platform’s analytics track document views and time spent on each page, providing valuable insights into customer engagement. Sales managers can identify the most engaging content and tailor their sales strategies accordingly.

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3. Content Creation and Distribution

Content creators, including writers, educators, and designers, can leverage ShareDocView.com to share e-books, educational materials, or creative content with their audience. The ability to embed documents onto websites enhances content accessibility, while the analytics feature aids in understanding audience preferences and optimizing content creation.

4. Secure Document Sharing for Collaboration

In collaborative settings, ShareDocView.com offers secure document sharing capabilities. Teams working on projects can upload and share sensitive documents securely with password protection or by specifying authorized email access. The platform’s ability to disable doc links provides additional control over shared documents.

5. Branding and Professional Presentations

Professionals looking to maintain branding consistency in their presentations or documents can use ShareDocView.com. By adding company logos, colors, and watermarks, they can create branded documents, enhancing their professional image and reinforcing brand identity during presentations or sharing documents with clients or partners.

6. Training and Educational Material Distribution

Educators, trainers, or organizations offering courses or training materials can utilize ShareDocView.com to share educational resources. The platform’s analytics help track student or participant engagement, allowing educators to refine their content based on insights gathered from the time spent on each page or section of the document.

7. Workflow Integration and Productivity Enhancement

The integration capabilities of ShareDocView.com with over 5,000 apps via Zapier enhance workflow efficiency. Users can seamlessly integrate the platform with various productivity tools, CRM systems, or communication platforms, streamlining document sharing and lead generation processes.

8. Streamlined Document Update and Control

For professionals needing to update documents without altering shared links, ShareDocView.com offers convenience. Users can upload new versions of documents while retaining the existing links, eliminating the need to resend or update shared documents across recipients.

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Pricing and Plans

With an emphasis on user convenience, ShareDocView.com presents an insane deal through AppSumo, offering lifetime access to infinite links and providing detailed analytics for leads from views. Users can secure their sharing experience, gaining access to unlimited leads while safeguarding against fake emails and accessing a public roadmap after signup with email.

Regular Pricing

PlanPriceLeadsMonthly VisitsStorageFile SizeNotifications
FreeFreeUnlimitedUnlimited2GB25MBDownloads, Visits, Verify Email, Export Leads, QR Codes
Professional$5/moUnlimitedUnlimited10GB500MBDownloads, Visits, Verify Email, Export Leads, QR Codes, Branding, Reports, Password Protection, Authorized Readers, Integrations
Pro Team$13/moUnlimitedUnlimited50GB500MBDownloads, Visits, Verify Email, Export Leads, QR Codes, Branding, Reports, Password Protection, Authorized Readers, Integrations, Team Collaboration

The Enterprise plan offers customizable features and requires users to contact the platform for pricing details, providing exclusive offerings like CNAME (Custom Domain), SSO (Single Sign-On), dedicated servers, custom onboarding, and 24/7 support.

Lifetime Deal (Appsumo Pricing)

ShareDocView.com offers a lifetime deal through Appsumo with multiple purchase options:

Pro Plan$109 (was $432)– All Professional Plan features included – 5 Team Members – 20GB Storage – Email notification for Downloads – Export all leads to CSV – Password Protection
Premium Plan$218 (was $240)– All Professional Plan features included – 5 Team Members – 50GB Storage – Branding & Reporting – Export to PDF – Generate unique QR codes
Plan 3$327 (was $360)– All Professional Plan features included – 5 Team Members – 100GB Storage – Branding & Reporting – Export to PDF – Generate unique QR codes

These one-time purchase options offer a lifetime access to ShareDocView.com with various features catering to different storage needs, team collaboration, branding, reporting, and security measures.

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The Appsumo lifetime deal provides a cost-effective opportunity for users to access ShareDocView.com with a one-time payment, offering features similar to or exceeding those available in the regular subscription plans.

User Reviews


  1. Quality of Viewing: Some users expressed disappointment with the viewing quality, particularly when dealing with decks or documents containing small text. The “fullscreen” mode also didn’t optimize the slides’ size, impacting the viewing experience.
  2. Customization Issues: Users highlighted limitations in customization, specifically mentioning the inability to change the color of the top bar. The default “Grey” color was considered problematic for logo visibility, falling in between light and dark backgrounds.
  3. Minor Annoyances: While acknowledging the software’s excellence, users found certain issues, considering them as minor yet annoying. Despite being potentially easy to fix, these issues were deemed bothersome.


  1. Excellent Software: Despite minor issues, users praised the software’s excellence and its practicality in their workflow. Some users even mentioned returning the product but expressed a desire to repurchase it due to its quality and utility.
  2. Responsive Support: Users acknowledged that support, initially reviewed negatively, responded and addressed their concerns effectively. This positive experience led to a reversal of opinion about the support system.
  3. Document Control and Features: Users were highly impressed with the tool’s capability to provide extensive control over shared documents. They appreciated its tracking, retargeting opportunities, easy setup, and quick customer branding features available in the top-tier plan.
  4. Value for Money: Many users emphasized the tool’s cost-effectiveness, highlighting the unnecessary nature of monthly fee alternatives. The tracking, retargeting options, and overall control offered at a one-time purchase were deemed highly valuable.
  5. Ease of Use and Retargeting Opportunities: Users found the app easy to set up and commended the tracking and retargeting opportunities it provided. The ability to brand and control shared documents swiftly stood out as a major positive aspect.
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ShareDocView.com stands out as a robust document management platform that doesn’t just facilitate document sharing but also prioritizes lead generation, analytics, and security. With its stackable codes, extensive features, and integrations, it’s a valuable tool for content creators, marketers, and sales professionals aiming to streamline their document sharing process while leveraging insights for business growth.

For those seeking an efficient, secure, and analytics-driven document sharing solution, ShareDocView.com offers an array of features to meet diverse needs and enhance productivity.

Regular Vs. Appsumo Pricing

FeaturesRegular PricingAppSumo Lifetime Deal
Lead GenerationFree, Professional ($5/mo), Pro Team ($13/mo)Included in various plans starting at $109
Analytics & TrackingAvailable in paid plansIncluded in various plans starting at $109
Customization & BrandingAvailable in higher-tier plansIncluded in various plans starting at $109
Integrations+5,000 via ZapierIncluded in various plans starting at $109
Document ControlAvailable in paid plansIncluded in various plans starting at $109
Storage LimitsVaries based on planIncreased storage in AppSumo plans
Team CollaborationAvailable in Pro Team planAvailable in AppSumo plans starting at $109
PricingMonthly subscription plans ranging from Free to $13/moOne-time payment starting at $109 through AppSumo for lifetime access
Special OfferLimited-time deal via AppSumo for lifetime access to extensive features

ShareDocView.com caters to diverse needs by supporting files of varying sizes up to the specified MB file size limit. The platform’s lifetime deal ensures an extended duration from the days of purchase, allowing users to put special emphasis on marketing strategies through effective links for marketing channels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of files can be uploaded to ShareDocView.com?

ShareDocView.com allows users to upload PDF, DOC, and PPT files for document sharing, tracking, and lead generation purposes.

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How does ShareDocView.com help in generating email leads?

By uploading documents onto the platform, ShareDocView.com generates unique doc links that, when accessed, capture email leads of the viewers, aiding in lead generation.

Can I customize and brand my documents on ShareDocView.com?

Yes, users can brand their documents by adding company logos, colors, and watermarks, offering a personalized touch to the shared documents.

What analytics and tracking capabilities does ShareDocView.com offer?

ShareDocView.com provides comprehensive analytics, tracking views, downloads, and time spent on each page through unique doc links. It also identifies the most effective channels for document distribution.

Is it possible to embed documents uploaded on ShareDocView.com onto a website?

Absolutely, ShareDocView.com enables users to embed their documents on websites, enhancing accessibility and reach for a wider audience.

How does document control work on ShareDocView.com?

Users can upload new documents without altering existing links, ensuring that previously shared links remain active. This eliminates the need to resend documents whenever an update is made.

What security features are available on ShareDocView.com?

ShareDocView.com offers several security measures, including password protection for documents, specifying email access, and the ability to disable doc links for enhanced data security.

Can I integrate ShareDocView.com with other apps or platforms?

Yes, ShareDocView.com integrates seamlessly with over 5,000 apps via Zapier, facilitating enhanced productivity and workflow through various third-party applications.

What are the different plans available on ShareDocView.com?

ShareDocView.com offers lifetime deals with multiple plans, including the Pro Plan, Premium Plan, and Plan 3, each offering different features, storage limits, and document quotas.

Is there a refund policy available for ShareDocView.com purchases?

Yes, ShareDocView.com provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try out the platform and avail of a refund if they are not satisfied within the specified period.

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