Vivomeetings Review: Elevating Online Collaboration with HD Video Conferencing and Innovative Features + Lifetime Deal

Vivomeetings is a robust video and audio-conferencing platform designed for the digital workplace. It offers seamless online meetings and conference calls, catering to both mobile and desktop users, as well as hardware-equipped meeting rooms. The platform boasts features that enhance real-time intelligence, interoperability, and enterprise-grade security.

Key Takeaways

Key TakeawaysDetails
ProductVivomeetings is a comprehensive video and audio-conferencing platform designed for the digital workplace, providing seamless online meetings, real-time intelligence, unparalleled interoperability, and enterprise-grade security.
FeaturesVivomeetings boasts features such as HD video & audio quality, intuitive scheduling software, mobile apps, custom branding, meeting transcription by AI, enhanced security options, YouTube Live video streaming & recording, screen & document sharing, webinar-style meeting controls, and admin user management & reporting.
Pricing (Regular)The regular pricing includes four plans: BASIC ($2.50/month/host), STANDARD ($8.90/month/host), PLUS ($12.50/month/host), and PRO ($17.99/month/host). Prices vary based on features, capacity, and audio conferencing options.
Lifetime Deal (AppSumo)AppSumo offers three lifetime deal plans: Plan 1 ($72, originally $90), Plan 2 ($144, originally $180), and Plan 3 ($216, originally $270). These plans include features from BASIC, STARTER, and STANDARD plans, providing a cost-effective one-time purchase option with lifetime access.
User Reviews (Pros)Users praise Vivomeetings for its similarity to Zoom, lifetime deal offering, and various features like video recording, enhanced security, AI transcription, and more. The platform’s ease of use and positive impact on collaboration are highlighted.
User Reviews (Cons)Some limitations mentioned include a maximum of 300 attendees, occasional issues with recordings, frozen videos, and desires for additional features like remote screen control. Slow login access from certain locations is also noted.
ConclusionDespite limitations, Vivomeetings emerges as a reliable and feature-rich video conferencing solution, ideal for diverse needs. The lifetime deal on AppSumo provides a cost-effective option, and the platform’s positive aspects, such as its Zoom-like interface and continuous improvement, make it a worthwhile investment for businesses aiming to enhance their virtual collaboration.

Key Features:

Vivomeetings offers an exceptional video conferencing experience with HD video conferencing, providing clear and crisp visuals for a seamless virtual meeting environment. With the ability to host up to 300 video participants in a single meeting, Vivomeetings ensures large-scale collaboration and engagement. Additionally, users can enhance their virtual presence with virtual backgrounds, adding a touch of professionalism and personalization to their video conferences. The platform prioritizes accessibility, providing easy access to meetings for both online and hardware-equipped room participants. Moreover, the content sharing feature enables dynamic collaboration, allowing users to share screens and documents effortlessly during their virtual gatherings.

  • Real-time Intelligence:
    • Meeting highlights and transcription
    • Live meeting controls
    • Analytics and automated alerts
  • Unparalleled Interoperability:
    • One-touch access across devices, browsers, and meeting platforms
    • Compatibility with various room systems
  • Enterprise-Grade Security:
    • Protection against malicious attacks
    • End-user privacy safeguards
    • Establish trust with secure meeting environments
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Exceptional Features

Vivomeetings offers a plethora of features to optimize the meeting experience:

  • Connecting Teams:
    • Facilitating collaboration between local and remote team members
  • Online Meeting:
    • Providing a seamless online meeting experience
  • HD Video & Audio Quality:
    • Supporting high-quality streaming up to 1080p
  • Intuitive Scheduling Software:
    • Effortlessly schedule calls in different time zones
  • Mobile Apps:
    • Access meetings on the go with mobile applications
  • Dial-in Numbers:
    • Including dial-in options for flexibility
  • Custom Branding:
    • Set up branded meeting pages, emails, and URLs
  • Meeting Transcription:
    • AI-generated meeting transcriptions for reference
  • Enhanced Security Options:
    • Security codes, one-time codes, participant management
    • Review meeting details post-call
  • YouTube Live Video Streaming & Recording:
    • Expand reach with live streaming and recording capabilities
  • Screen & Document Sharing:
    • Share screens and documents for effective communication
    • (Note: Currently not available on mobile apps)
  • Webinar Style Meeting Controls:
    • Conduct meetings with webinar-style controls
  • Admin User Management & Reporting:
    • Streamline administration with user management and reporting tools

Improve Meeting Productivity

Integrate Vivomeetings seamlessly into your existing workflow by scheduling and joining meetings directly from your email or calendar application.

Use Cases

1. Remote Team Collaboration

Vivomeetings is an ideal solution for organizations with remote teams. It facilitates seamless collaboration between local and remote team members, providing a platform for virtual meetings, discussions, and project updates.

2. Online Meetings with High-Quality Video & Audio

Conduct online meetings with confidence, thanks to Vivomeetings’ support for high-definition video and audio streaming. Experience crystal-clear communication to ensure effective and engaging virtual interactions.

3. Efficient Scheduling Across Time Zones

The platform’s intuitive scheduling software makes it easy to plan and coordinate meetings across different time zones. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and ensure that all team members can participate at a convenient time.

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4. Mobile Accessibility

With dedicated IOS and Android mobile apps, Vivomeetings enables users to stay connected on the go. Attend and host meetings from your mobile device, ensuring flexibility and productivity outside the traditional office setting.

5. Custom Branding for Professional Meetings

Impress clients and partners by setting up branded meeting pages, emails, and URLs. Vivomeetings allows you to maintain a professional image during meetings, reinforcing brand identity in every interaction.

6. Enhanced Security Measures

Organizations can trust Vivomeetings for enterprise-grade security. With features such as security codes, one-time codes, and participant management, the platform ensures a secure environment, protecting against malicious attacks and safeguarding user privacy.

7. Webinar-Style Meeting Controls

Vivomeetings is an excellent choice for hosting webinars with its webinar-style meeting controls. Conduct engaging and interactive sessions with features like speaker spotlight, custom hold music, and the ability to manage up to 50 attendees.

8. Document Sharing and Collaboration

Enhance collaboration during meetings with document sharing and screen viewing capabilities. While screen and document sharing are not available on mobile apps, these features provide a dynamic and interactive meeting experience on desktop devices.

9. YouTube Live Video Streaming and Recording

Expand the reach of your meetings by leveraging Vivomeetings’ integration with YouTube Live. Stream meetings in real-time and record sessions for future reference, ensuring that valuable content is accessible beyond the live event.

10. Administrative Efficiency with User Management

Administering Vivomeetings is made easy with robust user management and reporting tools. Organizations can efficiently manage user accounts, track meeting analytics, and generate reports for better insights into meeting activities.

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Pricing and Plans

Regular Pricing

PlanPrice (Monthly/Host)Ideal ForCapacityAudio Conferencing
BASIC$2.50Online learning and small group meetings12 participantsNot included
STANDARD$8.90Small teams and online learning50 participantsUnlimited minutes on local dial-ins (see dial-in numbers)
PLUS$12.50Small/medium businesses and non-profit100 participantsUnlimited minutes on local dial-ins (see dial-in numbers)
PRO$17.99Enterprise and non-profit300 participantsUnlimited minutes on local dial-ins (see dial-in numbers)

Lifetime Deal Pricing (AppSumo)

PlanOne-time PurchaseFeatures IncludedCapacityAdditional Notes
Plan 1$72 (originally $90)Basic Plan Host, Up to 12 attendees, Webinar mode, Web conferencing, Screen sharing & file transfer, Online whiteboard, and moreUp to 12 attendeesEvent registration not included
Plan 2$144 (originally $180)Starter Plan Host, Up to 24 attendees, Webinar mode, Web conferencing, Screen sharing & file transfer, Online whiteboard, and moreUp to 24 attendeesEvent registration not included
Plan 3$216 (originally $270)Standard Plan Host, Up to 50 attendees, Speaker spotlight, Custom hold music, and moreUp to 50 attendeesEvent registration not included; 3 codes included

User Reviews


“I upgrade, and then upgrade again”

  • Pros:
    • Similarity to Zoom and a lifetime deal.
    • Positive experience with the video recording feature.
    • Seamless transition from basic to deluxe and then to pro plans.
  • Cons:
    • Limited to a maximum of 300 attendees.

“Much better than Zoom!”

  • Pros:
    • Familiar interface, akin to Zoom.
    • Notable features like automatic transcripts, personal branding, and a cleaner interface.
    • Responsiveness to user suggestions, with exciting features in development.
  • Cons:
    • Occasional jerky recordings and frozen video issues in the browser version.
    • Desire for logo-free recordings and additional video touch-up features.
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“My New Workhorse”

  • Pros:
    • Opted for all codes for auto transcript and more participants.
    • Interface design superior to Zoom, especially for non-tech users.
    • Positive feedback from non-tech clients about the ease of use.
  • Cons:
    • Some improvements suggested, including smoother recordings and logo-free options.

“Great App”

  • Pros:
    • Clear video and sound, surpassing Zoom in quality.
    • Easy setup and management, particularly praised for non-tech users.
  • Cons:
    • Lack of screen remote control feature is a drawback, resulting in a 4-star rating.


  • Pros:
    • Stable connection after accessing the meeting room, providing a good alternative to Zoom.
    • Dashboard menu highly praised.
    • Vivomeetings considered the best lifetime choice for conference purposes.
  • Cons:
    • Slow login access from Indonesia mentioned.
    • Desire for a more immersive fullscreen mode similar to Zoom.


Vivomeetings stands out as a comprehensive video conferencing solution, offering a range of features to enhance meeting experiences. Its real-time intelligence, interoperability, and security measures make it a valuable asset for organizations looking to streamline their communication. With different plans catering to varying needs, Vivomeetings provides flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes. Consider upgrading your meetings with Vivomeetings and enjoy the benefits of recordings, real-time transcription, webinar mode, and more.

Regular Vs. Appsumo pricing

 Regular PricingAppSumo Lifetime Deal
Plan 1$2.50/MO/HOST$72 (originally $90) for a one-time purchase
Plan 2$8.90/MO/HOST$144 (originally $180) for a one-time purchase
Plan 3$12.50/MO/HOST$216 (originally $270) for a one-time purchase
Plan 4 (PRO)$17.99/MO/HOSTNot available through AppSumo
FeaturesVarious features across plans, including video recording,Features similar to the respective regular plans with the
 enhanced security, AI transcription, and more.addition of features from higher-tier regular plans.
CapacityRanges from 12 to 300 participants depending on the plan.Up to 50 attendees for Plan 1, up to 24 attendees for Plan 2,
  and up to 50 attendees for Plan 3.
Audio ConferencingVaries across plans, offering unlimited minutes on localUnlimited minutes on local dial-ins (see dial-in numbers)
 dial-ins, global toll-free coverage, and more. 
Event RegistrationNot included in regular plans.Not included in AppSumo plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Vivomeetings?

Vivomeetings is a video and audio-conferencing platform designed for the digital workplace, facilitating seamless online meetings and conference calls. It supports both mobile and desktop devices, as well as hardware-equipped meeting rooms.

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What sets Vivomeetings apart from other video conferencing platforms?

Vivomeetings distinguishes itself with features such as real-time intelligence, unparalleled interoperability, and enterprise-grade security. The platform aims to enhance meeting productivity with highlights, transcription, live controls, analytics, and security measures.

What kind of features does Vivomeetings offer?

Some key features include:
HD video & audio quality (supporting up to 1080p streaming)
Intuitive scheduling software for efficient time zone management
Mobile apps for on-the-go access
Custom branding for personalized meeting pages and emails
Meeting transcription generated by artificial intelligence
Enhanced security options, including security codes and one-time codes
YouTube Live video streaming and recording
Screen & document sharing (excluding mobile apps)
Webinar style meeting controls
Admin user management & reporting

How does Vivomeetings enhance meeting productivity?

Vivomeetings allows users to integrate and easily schedule and join meetings directly from their existing email or calendar applications, streamlining the overall workflow.

What are the pricing plans for Vivomeetings?

Vivomeetings offers three plans:
Plan 1 – $72 (originally $90): Basic Plan Host, Up to 12 attendees, Webinar mode, and more.
Plan 2 – $144 (originally $180): All features in Plan 1, Starter Plan Host, Up to 24 attendees, and more.
Plan 3 – $216 (originally $270): All features in Plan 2, Standard Plan Host, Up to 50 attendees, Speaker spotlight, and more.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Vivomeetings offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Users can try the platform for two months to ensure it meets their needs.

Can I purchase additional licenses if needed?

Yes, users have the option to purchase more licenses if they require additional hosts beyond the allocated limit in their chosen plan.

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Does Vivomeetings include event registration in its plans?

Event registration is not included in the plans. Users may need to explore alternative solutions for event management.

How do I access Vivomeetings on mobile devices?

Vivomeetings provides IOS and Android mobile apps, allowing users to access meetings conveniently from their mobile devices.

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