Albato Review: Streamline Your Workflows with Ease + Lifetime Deal

Albato is a powerful no-code platform designed to simplify your workflow by seamlessly integrating cloud services and enabling the creation of custom automations. With its user-friendly interface and extensive app library, Albato empowers users to automate data transfers between various cloud apps effortlessly. Whether you need to migrate data or set up real-time automations, Albato provides the tools to streamline your business processes without any coding knowledge.

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Key Takeaways

Key TakeawaysDetails
ProductAlbato is a no-code platform that simplifies workflows by integrating cloud services and enabling custom automations.
FeaturesAlbato offers an extensive app library with over 500 cloud apps, automated data transfers, a no-code automation builder, and the ability to add custom apps through the App Integrator feature.
PricingAlbato provides three license tiers: Tier 1 ($69 one-time purchase), Tier 2 ($139 one-time purchase), and Tier 3 ($299 one-time purchase). Extra operations cost $0.0015 each.
IntegrationAlbato allows seamless integration with hundreds of apps without any coding. It enables businesses to build tailored automations and expand their integrations ecosystem.
LimitationsAlbato may lack certain features compared to other automation platforms on the market.
ConclusionAlbato is a powerful no-code platform that streamlines workflows through cloud app integration and custom automations. Despite some limitations, it offers a wide range of features and is a valuable investment for businesses looking to improve their workflow efficiency.

App Library: Connect, Migrate, and Analyze Data

Albato boasts a vast app library consisting of over 500 cloud applications, allowing users to connect their favorite tools quickly. This comprehensive selection ensures compatibility with a wide range of popular apps across different categories. Furthermore, Albato simplifies data migration between sources, enabling users to store and analyze their data on their own terms. Whether you’re transferring aggregated information or switching CRMs, Albato facilitates large-scale data migration with ease. The platform provides intermediate tools and filter options to manage data flow effectively, ensuring that you maximize the potential of your automations.

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No-Code Automation Builder: Customize and Execute Automations

With Albato’s no-code automation builder, users can create and customize real-time automations without the need for coding expertise. The intuitive interface allows for easy configuration of custom automations using APIs or webhooks, tailoring the scenarios to suit your specific business requirements. Albato even allows you to add any app with a public API to its library through the App Integrator feature. This flexibility ensures that your favorite software is always accessible, empowering you to build automations that align perfectly with your workflow. You can control how apps receive and update data, create access tokens, and even generate templates to simplify API requests. Albato’s integrator streamlines the process, making it a breeze to integrate apps and achieve quick results.

App Integrator: Expand Your Integrations Ecosystem

Albato’s App Integrator feature allows users to add other apps with public APIs to their Albato app library effortlessly. This functionality enables you to embed an end-user version of Albato with a white-label iframe in your SaaS product, expanding the ecosystem of native integrations. Users can access all the apps available in Albato or add their own to build automations directly from your platform. Even if they are not aware that they are utilizing a third-party tool, users can deploy predefined scenarios seamlessly. The convenience of viewing, starting, and pausing automations from a single screen further enhances the user experience, whether the automations are for internal use or accessible to end-users.

Build Tailored Automations for Your Business

Albato empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their workflows by offering integration with hundreds of apps without any coding requirements. Whether you need to automate data transfers, synchronize information, or perform complex tasks, Albato provides the tools necessary to create automations customized to your unique business needs. Say goodbye to manual data entry and repetitive tasks, and embrace the efficiency and productivity that comes with automation.

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Albato seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets, allowing you to easily import and export data for efficient workflow management. With Albato’s white-labeled ecosystem, you can customize the platform’s appearance and branding to match your company’s identity. Even non-technical team members can utilize Albato’s user-friendly interface to create and manage complex automations without coding knowledge.

Albato supports integration with dozens of apps, enabling you to connect and automate processes across various platforms. Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited steps in your automation workflows, empowering you to create sophisticated and comprehensive automated processes. Albato ensures seamless integration with your desired destination app, allowing you to effortlessly transfer data and trigger actions in your preferred application.

Used Cases

Albato offers a wide range of applications and benefits across various industries. Here are some common use cases where Albato can streamline workflows and enhance productivity:

1. Data Integration and Synchronization

Albato enables seamless data integration and synchronization between multiple cloud applications. Whether you need to transfer customer data from your CRM to a marketing automation platform or synchronize inventory information between an e-commerce platform and a fulfillment service, Albato simplifies the process. By automating data transfers, you can eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and ensure data consistency across your systems.

2. Workflow Automation

With Albato’s no-code automation builder, you can automate repetitive tasks and streamline complex workflows. For example, you can create automations to trigger email notifications based on specific events, update records in real-time across multiple apps, or generate reports and analytics automatically. By automating these tasks, you can save time, increase efficiency, and focus on more important aspects of your business.

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3. Data Migration and Transformation

Albato’s data migration capabilities allow you to migrate data from one source to another with ease. Whether you are switching to a new CRM, migrating data to a data warehouse for analysis, or consolidating data from various sources, Albato simplifies the migration process. Additionally, you can transform and manipulate data during the migration, ensuring that it fits the target system’s requirements.

4. Custom API Integrations

Albato’s App Integrator feature allows you to add any app with a public API to the platform’s library. This capability opens up endless possibilities for integrating custom applications into your workflows. Whether you have proprietary software, industry-specific tools, or unique systems, you can seamlessly connect them with Albato, creating a centralized hub for your automation needs.

5. White-Label Integration

For SaaS providers, Albato offers the ability to embed an end-user version of the platform into your own product. This white-label integration allows your users to access Albato’s extensive library of cloud apps and build automations without leaving your platform. By expanding your integrations ecosystem, you enhance the value of your product and provide a more comprehensive solution to your customers.

Albato’s versatility and flexibility make it a valuable asset across a wide range of industries and business functions. By leveraging its automation and integration capabilities, you can optimize your workflows, improve data management, and drive efficiency in your business processes.

Plans and Features

Albato offers different license tiers to cater to varying needs. Here are the features included in all plans:

Regular Pricing

Free$0/month– Ideal for easy two-step API automations- 15-minute automation update time- 5 active automations- 2 steps per automation- 100 transactions- Get started for free
Basic$19/month– Best for individuals with limited data- 15-minute automation update time- 20 active automations- 1,000 transactions- Get started for free
Standard$53/month– Best for small businesses with multiple tasks- 5-minute automation update time- 5,000 transactions- $0.02 per additional transaction- 1 user- Get started for free
Pro$130/month– Larger limits for midsize businesses- 5-minute automation update time- 15,000 transactions- $0.02 per additional transaction- 2 users- Get started for free
Enterprise$202/month– Best for handling enterprise data volume- 1-minute automation update time – 30,000 transactions- $0.01 per additional transaction- 3 users – Get started for free
CustomCustom pricing– Tailored plan to meet your specific needs- Contact Albato for more information and pricing details

Lifetime Deal Pricing (AppSumo)

Albato is currently offering exclusive lifetime deals through AppSumo, providing users with significant cost savings. These one-time purchases grant access to all features included in the respective license tiers. Here are the lifetime deal pricing options:

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License TierPriceFeatures
Tier 1$69– All features mentioned above- 15,000 operations per month- 5-minute automation update time- 20 active automation numbers
Tier 2$139– All features mentioned above- 45,000 operations per month- 1-minute automation update time- Unlimited active automation numbers- Data migration- Custom hooks- Auto-replay of data- Custom HTTP request- App integrator (custom apps)
Tier 3$299– All features mentioned above- 150,000 operations per month- 1-minute automation update time- Unlimited active automation numbers- Data migration- Custom webhooks- Auto-replay of data- Custom HTTP request- App integrator (custom apps)- Dedicated queue handlers

The lifetime deal pricing offers a unique opportunity to gain access to Albato’s advanced features and enjoy long-term cost savings compared to the regular subscription plans. Take advantage of the AppSumo lifetime deal and unlock the full potential of Albato for your automation needs.

User Reviews


  • Some users have reported difficulties with the WooCommerce integration, experiencing issues when connecting their WooCommerce accounts and encountering JSON errors. In some cases, support response times have been longer than expected, leading to frustration and time wasted.


  • Users have praised Albato for its beginner-friendly nature, making API integration automation accessible to those with limited technical knowledge. The platform’s academy, tutorial videos, and templates have been particularly helpful in guiding users through the automation setup process and providing inspiration for integration ideas.
  • Albato has been commended for its customizable and webhook functionality, allowing users to tailor their automations to specific requirements. The cost-effectiveness of Albato compared to other automation tools, such as Zapier and Pabbly Connect, has also been highlighted, with users noting significant cost savings.
  • The customer service team of Albato has received positive feedback for their assistance in setting up automations and providing prompt support. Users have appreciated the straightforward steps involved in creating effective automations, which have had a transformative impact on their workflows.
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These user reviews reflect the experiences of users with Albato, showcasing both the limitations faced by some users, such as issues with specific integrations, and the standout features that have garnered praise, including the beginner-friendly nature, customization options, cost-effectiveness, and helpful customer service.

Final Thoughts

Albato is an impressive no-code platform that empowers users to streamline their workflows through seamless cloud app integrations and custom automations. With its extensive app library, no-code automation builder, and app integrator feature, Albato offers a comprehensive solution to simplify complex tasks and eliminate manual processes. By embracing the power of automation, businesses can optimize their productivity and efficiency, allowing them to focus on what matters most. So why wait? Get lifetime access to Albato today and unlock the potential of your workflow!

Limited Time Offer! 
Get lifetime access to Albato’s no-code platform and streamline your workflow. Choose from three license tiers starting at $69 for a one-time payment. Enhance your business processes and save money with the AppSumo lifetime deal. This offer is available for a limited time only. 
Purchase the AppSumo Lifetime Deal Now!   

Regular Pricing Vs Appsumo Pricing

PlanRegular Pricing per MonthAutomation Update TimeTransactionsAdditional TransactionsLifetime Deal PricingExtra Operations
Free$015 min100N/AN/AN/A
Basic$1515 min1,000N/AN/AN/A
Standard$425 min5,000$0.02$69 (Tier 1)$0.0015
Pro$1045 min15,000$0.02$139 (Tier 2)$0.0015
Enterprise$1621 min30,000$0.01$299 (Tier 3)$0.0015
CustomCustom1 minCustomCustomN/AN/A


  • The regular pricing is based on a monthly subscription.
  • The lifetime deal pricing is a one-time payment for lifetime access.
  • The lifetime deal pricing tiers correspond to the Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans respectively.
  • The Free and Custom plans do not have corresponding lifetime deal pricing.
  • All plans in the lifetime deal include unlimited steps per automation per month, unlimited users (per account), filter trigger, router, 500+ apps and any future app integrations, 30-day execution log storage, parallel scenario execution, real-time automation logs, and service integrations including: Airtable, Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Jira, ActiveCampaign, and more.
  • The lifetime deal must be activated within 60 days of purchase.
  • The lifetime deal comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Albato?

Albato is a no-code platform that allows you to integrate cloud services and build custom automations to simplify your workflow. It offers seamless data transfers between various cloud apps and provides an extensive library of over 500 apps for easy connectivity.

How does Albato work?

Albato works by enabling users to connect their favorite tools through its app library. Users can set up automated data transfers, configure custom automations using APIs or webhooks, and execute scenarios tailored to their business needs. The no-code automation builder makes it easy to create and customize automations without any coding knowledge.

Can I migrate my data using Albato?

Yes, Albato makes data migration stress-free. Whether you need to aggregate information between platforms or switch CRMs, Albato allows you to execute large-scale data migrations effortlessly. With intermediate tools and filter options for managing data flow, you can ensure a smooth transition and maximize the benefits of your automations.


Albato supports integration with more than 500 cloud apps through its app library. Some popular examples include Airtable, Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zendesk, Jira, and ActiveCampaign. Additionally, Albato provides the flexibility to add any app with a public API to the platform’s library through its App Integrator feature.

What are the pricing options for Albato?

Albato offers three license tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. The one-time purchase prices for these tiers are $69, $139, and $299, respectively. Each tier comes with different limits on operations per month, automation update time, and active automation numbers. There is also an additional cost of $0.0015 per extra operation.

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Is Albato GDPR compliant?

Yes, Albato is GDPR compliant. It ensures the protection and privacy of user data by adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation guidelines.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my license tier?

Yes, Albato allows users to upgrade or downgrade between the three license tiers based on their changing needs. Users have the flexibility to choose the plan that best suits their requirements.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Albato offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Users can try the platform for two months and if they are not satisfied, they can request a refund.

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